Thursday, April 10, 2014

3551. Officially last day of school for second year

That was a tough semester, high level of stress in clinical placement.
But we made it. One of the few times in my life that I didn't give up. Not because I was strong, I really didn't have any other option.
Today we gave the instructor (actress for the leading role of my nightmares for 12 weeks!) a card, as it is common here to do so. I wanted to write " thanks for all the stress and nightmares", "to you that changed my perception of Hell", " time to add a chapter to "Les Miserables, your class" ,... Of course I didn't. I just wrote "Thanks for making me stronger".
At the end of the session, her eyes were glowing. She said " you are one of the best groups I ever had. You guys are smart and you will go very far. Just put the stress aside ( HELLO !!!)"
Then she talked about each of us, and she said I had the most improvement in the group (but still have to go further), as I could overcome my stress (I hate this word, seriously!) and get confident about what I do.
I can see her in our graduation. I'm sure she will be proud of us.

Anyway... we lost 3 students in our group, we cried together (actually one by one), we helped each other, we laughed together, we worried together, we learned together for 252 hours, and we made it.

No more wake up alarm for 5 A.M., no more running in the snow to catch the bus, no more breakfast on bus and subway. Just the exams and half of the chapter will be done.

I don't want just to pass, I want to pass with A.
I want to be a strong trustworthy nurse, just like my sister was.

P.S. The instructor laughed out laud at all my jokes today! I guess I got high with the joy of last day.

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