Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3575. Don't mess with me, I was cabin crew

In the clinic, today:
- Are you medicin student?
+ I'm nursing student ( I fully introduced myself 3 minutes before that!)
- From which "college"?
+ From Ryerson "university"?
- (laughing) oh... We don't call it university... No offence...
+ You don't have to call it at all, none is taken (in my head: and I don't consider "I.nd.i.a.ns" as a race, tit for tat)
- I'm from U of T
+ I know that.
- Really? How come?
+ (with a BIG smile) This is a type of dialog you hear only from U of T graduates. Seems like they have some special courses for that.
- (Laughing) ...

والا ملت تو بهترين دانشگاههاي امريكا با أساتيد آدم حسابي پي اچ دي ميگيرن، تا جايي سوال مربوط بهش نباشه هي فرت و فرت إبرازش نميكنن. من نميدونم اين دانشگاه تورنتو چرا انقدر فارغ التحصيلاش دچار خود چيز پنداري هستن! هرجا ميرسن اول خودشون رو با دانشگاه تورنتو معرفي ميكنن، انگار تا قبل از دانشگاه رفتن هويتي نداشتن. 
همين مونده بود مردك هندي حسابدار ما رو دست بندازه! خودش فهميد با بد كسي طرف شده.

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